Navigate The Path

Navigate the journey

Who:  You’re the person who hates updating their resume.  You’re the person who has no idea where to begin when it comes to writing a cover letter.  You’re the person who breaks into a cold sweat at the thought of being bombarded with interview questions.  You’re the person who has no idea how to navigate the world of networking.  Ok, let’s be honest:  Each of us fits into these categories.  We can all use help when it comes to professional development!  We can all learn tricks and hone skills to make us the best candidate for our dream job.

What:  Resume instruction proofreading, reviewing, revising and critique.  Cover letter instruction, development, proofreading, reviewing, revising and critique.  Mock interviews.  Networking tips, skills and development.

Why:  Because you aren’t going to get a job without these things!  It sounds brutal, but let’s face it–it’s true.  Alicia has interviewed for jobs with big law firms, entertainment industry leaders, Fortune 500 companies, professional sports leagues and top-100 universities.  The difference between the jobs she landed and the jobs she didn’t stands in how prepared she was to navigate the journey leading up to signing a job acceptance letter.  Having interviewed with handfuls of different employers spanning several different industries, Alicia has learned specialized skills to help job candidates separate themselves from the pack.  Utilization of these skills will better prepare a job seeker to land their dream job.

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