Chart A New Path

Chart A New Path

Who:  You have a good job.  Your salary pays your bills.  You work with nice people.  Your boss brings bagels to the office on Friday.  You’re happy.  You’re thankful.  Something, though, is lacking.  You aren’t pursuing your true passion.  You want to, though.  And you will if you learn of a way that allows you to do so while also providing financially for you and those you support.

What:  Alicia will work with you to understand the barriers that are preventing you from pursuing your passion as a career.  After understanding those barriers, Alicia will help you in finding solutions to overcome them.  After determining solutions to overcome the barriers, Alicia will work with you to develop a Dream Map to guide you to a career that you are passionate about.

Why:  In 2011, Alicia found herself in the”Who” category above.  She had a job that paid well, she lived in a nice place, she worked with great people and her boss even brought bagels to the office every Friday.  Even with all of this, she was unhappy.  That’s because, deep down, she knew she wasn’t living her passion.  For a long time, Alicia believed that a job in sports wasn’t realistic for her.  She was taught that jobs in sports didn’t pay with and she was saddled with student loan debt.  When Alicia started pursuing her passion in full force, though, she quickly found that sentiments like that above were just lies being told to her to prevent her from living the life she was destined for.  Once you realize that careers exist that allow you to live happily and comfortably while also living out your passion, you’ll wonder why you didn’t head down the path sooner.

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