Jordan Brand Blends Performance And Culture In Jumpman LA

By Alicia Jessop

Today, Jordan Brand opened Jumpman LA, a pinnacle performance and cultural destination in the heart of downtown Los Angeles and blocks from the Staples Center.

Two-years into the making, Jumpman LA spans nearly 25,000-square-feet across multiple floors laden with everything a future basketball star needs. The space is anchored by three core areas: a state-of-the art “Flight Lab,” where consumers can receive diagnostic and performance testing and create products; two “Flight Lounges” providing access to local Los Angeles artists, gaming opportunities and even locker rooms; and a “Flight Deck” regulation size basketball court on the store’s rooftop overlooking downtown Los Angeles.

Filled with captivating imagery designed by local Los Angeles artists identified by Jordan Brand executives while they were in Los Angeles for the 2018 NBA All-Star Game, the space is much more than a shopping experience. Sure, consumers can score the latest Jordan Brand iterations to drop, but they can also mix and mingle with emerging stylists and designers and perfect their game inside of the space.

“The biggest thing for us was that we have to deliver not just a pinnacle retail destination–the space needs to be about so much more than a transactional relationship,” said Scott Dixon, vice president and general manager of North America for Jordan Brand. “You want to drive heat and energy from this space. You want to see consumer connectivity come to life. When a kid walks through the door for the first time, you want that jaw-dropping moment where they realize this space is an inspiration.”

For Jordan Brand, inspiring members of Generation Z was a critical focus in designing the space.

“The rise of Generation Z is very important and we will always  be thinking about what we can do to serve them,” Dixon said. “We put our own slant on it, though. We refer to our consumers as the, ‘Fearless Ones.’ They are fearless in their pursuit of greatness, but greatness today to the Generation Z consumer comes to life a little differently in terms of what it might have meant before. We are trying to inspire kids to become their greatest and be tomorrow’s greatest.”

From a brand perspective, Jordan Brand not only wants to inspire, but ingrain itself into the Los Angeles community.

“We want to cast a halo in terms of this destination as a cultural hub for the community and create unbreakable relationships in Los Angeles,” Dixon said. “When you think about the history of Los Angeles considering the game of basketball, there are a great number of stars who have risen from the courts in Los Angeles. There is also a very iconic component surrounding Michael Jordan’s journey with Los Angeles, as he won his first championship here in 1991.”

While building a cultural hub is central to Jordan Brand’s strategy in Los Angeles, basketball remains the brand’s greatest focus.

“Michael himself said, ‘We may have moved beyond the court, but we never left the court,'” Dixon remarked. “We must remember that the authenticity that comes from this brand is rooted in basketball and will always start there. The moment we step away from that is the moment we potentially get into problems. We will always stress that performance authenticity starts on the court. Through that we have an unparalleled back catalog of products, which have become icons in their own right in terms of what they mean for sneaker culture. Our challenge is to continue taking the iconic inspiration of everything Michael Jordan did and infuse it into the next generation of greatness.”

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