A-Rod’s Legal Lineup

By:  Jonathan Gordon, Ruling Sports Contributor (Twitter:  @JonathanCGordon)

On Friday, it was announced that Alex Rodriguez filed a lawsuit against Major League Baseball, the Office of the Commissioner, and Bud Selig for, among other things, attempting to “destroy [his] reputation and career.” The full lawsuit can be found here. (For what it’s worth, this might be one of the more entertaining and colorful lawsuits you’ll ever read.)

[Update: Rodriguez also filed a lawsuit against the Yankees doctor and a hospital. That lawsuit was drafted by different lawyers than the ones representing him against Major League Baseball and Selig.]

As it appears in the suit, Rodriguez is being represented by a diverse and well-accomplished team of five lawyers. Combined, the team specializes in legal issues pertaining, but not limited, to: criminal law, prosecution, criminal defense, litigation, financial services, and sports law — all relevant and important issues in Rodriguez’s case. While Rodriguez may also be seeking advice from other lawyers and individuals, the following five lawyers drafted the contract and appear to be Rodriguez’s main representation.

Joseph Tacopina (Tacopina, Siegal, & Turano) – Perhaps the most well-known lawyer on the team, Tacopina is no stranger to the spotlight that comes with representing Rodriguez. Most recently with A-Rod’s drug suspension and appeal, Tacopina has spent a fair amount of time in the public enthusiastically defending Rodriguez and voicing his displeasure with Major League Baseball. Labeled as the “hottest young criminal defense lawyer” in New York, Tacopina has been quite successful as a litigator and defense attorney.

James McCarroll (Reed Smith) – McCarroll is Chairperson for Reed Smith’s Investment Management Group and also serves as a partner in the firm’s Financial Industry Group. While he deals mainly with hedge funds and investment banks, McCarroll also represents various high net worth individuals and public figures. McCarroll’s areas of practice also include employee benefits.

Casey Laffey (Reed Smith) – Also from Reed Smith, Laffey is an expert in litigation and resolutions. Specifically, he is a member of Reed Smith’s Commercial Litigation and Financial Services Litigation Departments. As listed on the firm’s website, Laffey’s areas of practice include: litigation and dispute resolution, commercial litigation and disputes, financial services litigation, securities litigation, and others.

Jordan Siev (Reed Smith) – Siev is the last of the partners from Reed Smith. Like Laffey and McCarroll, Siev specializes in financial and commercial litigation.

[Reed Smith was recently ranked 16th in Law360’s 2012 Global 20 Rankings.]

David Cornwell (Gordon & Rees) – Cornwell is a partner in the firm’s Sports, Media, and Entertainment office. Cornwell provides a unique perspective in that he once worked with and for a major commissioner. Cornwell began his career as an Assistant Legal Counsel in the NFL, where he represented former NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle. Cornwell also went on to work with NFL Comissioner Paul Tagliabue on various issues.

While the MLB is sure to have an impressive team of lawyers on its side, Rodriguez appears to have an extremely qualified and successful team speaking for him on his behalf. Just as the lawsuit covers a broad range of issues, so too do Rodriguez’s lawyers.

When he steps to the plate, A-Rod will be going up with a big bat. Five, to be exact.


Jonathan Gordon is a junior at the University of Notre Dame with plans of attending law school. The founder of Sports Analytics Blog, Jonathan invites you to connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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