Analyzing The End Of The Dwight Howard Saga

By:  Kris Colley, Ruling Sports Intern (Twitter:  @KCMasterpiece52)

And the saga ends. No more: Where will Dwight Howard go? Will Dwight leave the Lakers? Does Mark Cuban have enough money to entice Howard? Will he go to the Warriors? Will the Rockets be a championship contender with Dwight next season? The saga has finally concluded.

Superstar center Howard has chosen to leave the overwhelmingly bright lights of Los Angeles and decided to join the dynamic James Harden in Houston. The Rockets immediately become a contending team out West with this acquisition. Landing the biggest free agent and adding him to an already young and explosive team, things look exciting.

Howard, while with the Lakers, averaged 17.1 points and 12.4 rebounds per game. Meaning his numbers didn’t show a decline, so why would he leave the place that is known for their legacy of great big men. Howard was upset for a majority of the season, and the chemistry was never there. Los Angeles Lakers Head Coach Mike D’Antoni’s up-tempo system was not an ideal fit for the big man. Although the Lakers made the playoffs as an 8th seed, the season was considered an epic failure. The “nightmare” season for Howard is over and he did what many believe is blasphemous, and that is leaving the Lakers.

Next season will be the start of a new rebuilding stage in Los Angeles. Kobe Bryant will be coming off of an Achilles’ heel injury and there is no timetable on his return. The Lakers will more than likely be a bottom dweller this season, but a frontrunner in the race to acquire stud college prospect Andrew Wiggins.  Houston will drastically get better, and hopefully Howard will finally be happy and satisfied with a team.

Now that the drama has ceased, the NBA universe can get back to business. Many teams have improved and many have abandoned ship and have started sailing to greener pastures. The irony of Friday’s events is that the Orlando Magic are in the best shape after 2012’s summer blockbuster trade that sent Howard to Los Angeles, former Lakers center Andrew Bynum to Philadelphia, and the 76ers’ superstar Andre Iguodala to the Denver Nuggets; because Iguodala also signed elsewhere leaving the Nuggets to join the Golden State Warriors.  Although the Magic had the worst record out of the 4, they are the only team that has players from the trade on their current roster.

The saga has finally concluded. No one player’s indecisiveness has been the center of the sports world quite like Howard’s since Brett Favre. Now that this will no longer be an issue everyone can refocus on the sport and not the sideline antics of one of its biggest stars. 

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