NFL Injury Report: Rob Ninkovich’s Hip Injury

Each week, will analyze one NFL player’s injury.  Sports Medicine doctor, Dr. Mandy Huggins (Twitter:  @HugginsMD), will provide medical analysis of the injury.  Alicia Jessop will then break down some of the contract ramifications of the injury.

Dr. Mandy Huggins’ Medical Analysis

New England’s Rob Ninkovich made Patriots fans worry last Sunday when he left the game with a hip injury. He had to be helped off the field and did not return to the game. Recent reports, however, have indicated that the injury is not serious and he strained muscles in his hip. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to break down this injury with such a vague report, but it leads one to believe that Ninkovich will be able to return for the playoffs, especially with a bye week. He may be moving more gingerly than normal, however, as the muscles around the hip are critical for every movement he will make, such as sprinting, lateral movements, and sudden starts and stops.

Alicia Jessop’s Contract Analysis

In 2011 Ninkovich signed a two-year contract extension worth $4 million.  It marked the second time that the Patriots signed him to a two-year contract extension, the first coming in 2009.  Given this, it appears that the team is committed to him as a linebacker.  Furthermore, because it does not appear that he will miss any games because of this injury, his place on next season’s roster is as safe as it can be for an NFL player.

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