Terms of the NFL Referees’ New Labor Agreement

The following terms were provided by the NFL:

Eight-year term covering the 2012-2019 seasons.

The current defined benefit pension plan will remain in place for current officials through the 2016 season (or until the official earns 20 years of service). The defined benefit plan will then be frozen.

Retirement benefits will be provided for new hires, and for all officials beginning in 2017, through a defined contribution arrangement, which will have two elements:  an annual league contribution made on behalf of each game official that will begin with an average of more than $18,000 per official and increase to more than $23,000 per official in 2019, and a partial match on any additional contribution that an official makes to his 401(k) account.

Apart from their benefit package, the game officials’ compensation will increase from an average of $149,000 a year in 2011 to $173,000 in 2013, rising to $205,000 by 2019.

Beginning with the 2013 season, the NFL will have the option of hiring a number of officials on a full-time basis to work year-round, including on the field.

The NFL will have the option to retain additional officials for training and development purposes, and may assign those additional officials to work NFL games. The number of additional officials will be determined by the NFL.

One thought on “Terms of the NFL Referees’ New Labor Agreement

  1. This does not surprise me in the slightest. The NFL realizes what happened Monday night could have had damaging effects if it had continued. Even if that was not the case, they may have been rushed into doing a deal anyway on another account where elected officials could have played a big factor:

    Early on Wednesday, there was a rumor flying around that the State of New Jersey was not going to allow the NFL to stage any more games in the state with the replacement refs. If that had been proven true and the NFL was locked out of Met Life Stadium because of such an ordinance, it would have had the NFL scrambling to move the 49ers-Jets game from Met Life Stadium Sunday afternoon most likely in my view to a Monday night game at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia (closest stadium to Met Life Stadium that Jets fans could get to). If that was true, it likely was the reason we saw sudden movement since otherwise it would have cost FOX their main early game on Sunday, with ESPN likely winding up with a doubleheader of 49ers-Jets in most likely Philadelphia at 6:30 (airing on FOX stations in New York and the Bay Area with any ESPN coverage in those markets blacked out) and Bears-Cowboys pushed back to 9:45 PM ET to accommodate an additional Monday night game. If that were proven true, once the NFL realized this, it forced a deal to get done quickly especially since it could have snowballed further in Week 5 when the Giants (Sunday against the Browns) and the Jets (Monday night against the Texans) both have home games in Met Life Stadium.

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