Denver Bars Benefit From Opening Day

The Colorado Rockies home, Coors Field is nestled in an area of Denver, Colorado surrounded by bars and restaurants.  Within the one-mile radius of Lower Downtown Denver (“LoDo”) between Coors Field and the Pepsi Center (where the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche play), there are an estimated 90 bars.  With the Rockies playing their 2012 home opener today, how will the business of those surrounding bars be affected? reached out to three of the largest sports bars within blocks of Coors Field–Tavern Downtown, Sports Column and Lodo’s–to find out how their business will be affected on Opening Day.

Tavern Downtown

While the spokesman from the Tavern Downtown said that he was unable to provide specific details as to how many beers the bar is expecting to sell on opening day, he did provide insight as to the increase in patrons the Tavern Downtown is expecting for Opening Day.

On a typical Monday, the Tavern Downtown serves 200-300 guests.  However, for opening day, the bar expects to serve 4,000 to 5,000 guests.  Thus, the Tavern Downtown expects to do twenty-times as much business on Opening Day as opposed to what it does on any other Monday.

Sports Column

Sports Column is located one block away from Coors Field and on the block adjacent to the Tavern Downtown.  When asked how Opening Day compares to any other Monday, Sports Column’s spokesman said there is, “No comparison.”  On a typical Monday, Sports Column has eight employees that work throughout the day.  On Opening Day, the bar will have 24 employees scheduled to work.  An increase in employees is necessary, as a line will form to enter the bar two to three hours before game time, and will not cease until three hours after the game.

Sports Column expects to sell 100 kegs of beer on Opening Day.  Its spokesman said that a keg holds 124 beers.    Thus, Sports Column expects to sell 12,400 beers on Opening Day.  Remember, this is only keg beer and does not account for bottled beer sales.


Lodo’s is located directly across the street from the Tavern Downtown and two blocks away from Coors Field.  A highlight of both Lodo’s and Tavern Downtown is both bar’s large rooftop patio.  The spokesman for Lodo’s indicated that on an ordinary Monday, the bar hosts 150-200 patrons.  However, for Opening Day, Lodo’s is expecting to serve 3,500 to 5,000 patrons.  This amounts to a 23 to 25 percent increase in patronage.

On a typical Monday, Lodo’s staffs two bartenders and three to four servers.  However, on Opening Day, Lodo’s will staff 20 bartenders and 16 servers.

Like Sports Column, Lodo’s expects to sell 100 kegs of beer on Opening Day (meaning just two blocks away from Sports Column, another 12,400 beers will be consumed by patrons).  Additionally, Lodo’s spokesman indicated that the bar will sell at least 100 cases of bottled beer.  As there are 24 bottles of beer in a case, this amounts to an additional 2,400 beers being sold by Lodo’s.

Lodo’s spokesman was also able to provide some estimates related to how much food the bar will sale.  When asked how many chicken wings Lodo’s will serve patrons, its spokesman estimated that 250 orders of chicken wings will be sold.  As there are ten chicken wings per order, this amounts to 2,500 chicken wings.

For anyone keeping tally, between two of the 90 bars within one mile of Coors Field, 27,200 beers will be sold on Opening Day.

For Denver bar owners, only one thing can be said for Opening Day:  It’s great that baseball is back.

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