2011 Wrap-Up

What a year it has been!  2011 has brought great things for me personally through the birth of RulingSports.com.  I have found much joy in writing the pieces for RulingSports.com and interacting with the website’s followers.  2012 will bring even greater things for RulingSports.com!

I started RulingSports.com in July for one simple purpose:  to provide me with an outlet to fuel my interest in sports.

This purpose has been well-served.  I never imagined the website would gain the following it has.  I never imagined I’d participate in radio shows, ever, let alone weekly.  I never imagined I’d have the opportunity to receive my own show.  To say that the website has humbled me by the graciousness of people, would be an understatement.

RulingSports.com’s “Pro Bono” series has allowed me to meet some of the greatest people not only in the sports industry, but in communities across the country.  Writing the stories for Pro Bono consistently reminded me of the common good of most people in our world and made me grateful for those special people, like C.J. Stewart, former Tulane student-athlete Charles Gaspard, and Tennessee Lady Vols head coach Pat Summitt, who have dedicated their lives to bettering those of others.  These people have inspired me to live a better life and to give a little bit more.

Writing the “Professional” series gave me the opportunity to interact with people who are truly the best in the sports business.  Learning the stories of how people like Angels general counsel David Cohen and University of Arizona compliance officer Preston Wages got their “start” was a nice reminder of the importance of developing personal relationships which carry over into the business world.  Their stories are ones which anyone can learn from.

Some of the most fun I’ve had with the website and even over the last year, was taping various sports radio shows.  I’ll always be grateful to Brian Freeman for offering me a radio show spot on the very first day I launched RulingSports.com.  Thereafter, Mark Sullivan at ESPN Radio Fayetteville was brave enough to offer me a weekly segment.  That weekly segment is one of my favorite times of my week, as Sully gives me the floor to make my outlandish sports opinions known.  For that, I’m grateful.  I’m also thankful for Rachel Baribeau and Shawn Arnell for giving me the opportunity to have weekly segments on their stations, for always being supportive of RulingSports.com and for generally just being great people who are fun to interact with.  There are many other sports radio show hosts nationwide who have given me the opportunity to share the stories I’ve written.  I consider myself lucky to “know” these people and for the chance they’ve given me to make my voice heard.

I’m thankful for the variety of people I’ve reached out to asking for advice, opinions or an interview, who have responded to my requests with their help.  First, there was my friend Jeff Borzello, who painstakingly explained the NCAA men’s basketball recruiting process (over text message, of course) to me.  There was my friend Nathan Whitaker, who has been gracious with his time to help direct me on my career path and listen to me vent about being an attorney.  There was Lisa Horne, who I called frantically the day before I was to cover my first sporting event to ask what I should wear and who later, I would call frantically when I was faced with the decision to move to San Francisco or Denver.  There was Pete Stella, who graciously granted me his time so I could learn more about what it takes to become a sports reporter.  There was Rafer Johnson, who God blessed me with meeting, and to this day, remains one of the greatest men I’ve ever met.  There was Carmen Hawkins, who at the very early stages of RulingSports.com granted me one of the greatest interviews I’ve ever completed and even helped me edit a piece.  There was University of Oklahoma athletic trainer Scott Andersen, who continues to help me understand the need to test student-athletes for Sickle Cell Trait.  There was David Bagga, who shared his journey of being a Division I basketball player with me.  There was LaMar Campbell who told me stories of playing in the NFL and his plight to help make life easier for former NFL players.  There were leaders of foundations who granted me hours of their precious time.  There were athletic directors who gave me moments of their limited time to assist me in better understanding whatever issue I was researching.  There were so many people who have helped make this website possible.  I’m so grateful that I have “met” each one of them and am indebted to them for their help and support.

Of course, there are the readers.  I’m grateful for my biggest supporters, my parents.  There are those friends, like Rebecca and Herbie, who tune into all of my radio shows.  There are my readers who send me sports articles and share their ideas on issues with me.  Interacting with all of you has been so much fun and I look forward to more emails, articles and comments.

Last but not least, one of the greatest supporters of this venture has been Kristi Dosh.  Prior to starting RulingSports.com, I frequently read BusinessofCollegeSports.com.  On the day I started RulingSports.com, I sent Kristi a tweet telling her how she had inspired me to create a sports-related website.  The rest is history.  Kristi has helped me find answers to plenty of questions, assisted me in making connections and even left me with the reins of BusinessofCollegeSports.com upon starting her job with ESPN.com.  To say I’m thankful for the help, guidance and friendship Kristi has given me would be the understatement of the century.

I’m looking forward to ringing in 2012 and for new things to come with RulingSports.com.  2012 will bring a makeover of the website, along with new content areas.  I will also be participating in more radio show appearances and even visiting law schools to speak to students.  And, finally, 2012 brings a new show featuring me and content from the website, which will aptly be titled, “Ruling Sports.”  You’ll have to check back in 2012 to get the details on when and where you can tune into the show!

Thank you all for making 2011 so great for me.  Here’s to an even better 2012.

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