For those of you who have not heard yet, last Friday, my friend Kristi Dosh announced that she is ESPN’s new sports business reporter.  Previously, Kristi was the founder and author of

Kristi has asked that I become the main contributing author of  I happily accepted this offer.  Prior to joining ESPN, Kristi did a wonderful job building a strong readership at and has also worked hard to present great analysis on business issues in the world of college sports.  I am very excited for the opportunity to expand my readership and to have a solid platform whereupon to discuss college sports.

From here on out, all of my writing about college sports (save for “pro bono” pieces) will be found at  My writing on the topic of professional sports will continue to be found here at  I still maintain my Twitter account for (@RulingSports) and also maintain an account for (@BizCollegeSport).

To see my introductory piece on, click here and be sure to add to your “favorites” list!

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