Pro Bono

In Latin, “pro bono” means “for the public good.”  The stories below detail the “pro bono” spirit of athletes, who have sought ways to give back to their communities for the public good.

7/29/11:  C.J. Stewart and L.E.A.D.

8/12/11:  Charles Gaspard and post-Katrina New Orleans

8/23/11:  Washington State University and the University of Arizona athletics departments

9/9/11:  Professional athletes, teams and leagues supporting 9/11 charities

9/23/11:  San Diego Padres picther Luke Gregerson’s event for foster care youth

9/27/11:  Olympic gold medalist Rafer Johnson and the Special Olympics

10/10/11:  Pete Carroll and A Better LA

12/12/11:  The Pat Summitt Foundation Fund


Stories of lawyers working in the world of sports

9/2/11:  Professional Beach Volleyball Player and Lawyer, Bill Strickland

10/20/11:  General Counsel of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, David Cohen

12/7/11:  University of Arizona Compliance Coordinator, Preston Wages

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